Building Types

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Summer Land Partners Group is regarded as the consummate developer, with expertise in a wide range of building types. From high-quality apartment homes, condominiums and townhouses, to exclusive single-family residences and modern office buildings, we have honed our skills through a variety of styles, settings and circumstances. We invite you to review our many diverse offerings.

Condominiums & Townhomes

We understand and appreciate the serious commitment of buyers who choose ownership in a multi-family housing community. And we reward their investment with fresh architectural ideas and luxury amenities that help to ensure long-term value. This means crafting living spaces that offer a sense of individuality and privacy while providing convenience to on-site comforts, nearby shopping, restaurants and cultural activities.

Apartment Buildings

Preceding each apartment complex that we create is a thorough evaluation of the location, potential tenants and design motif that best complements and enhances the immediate surroundings. We build a variety of high-quality, high-value rental units, in both garden and high-rise settings. Our buildings allow for satisfying indoor/outdoor living, with interiors that are bright and airy, supported by attractive landscaping and important amenities.

In Development

Valley Glen

Single-Family Homes

We believe, like our homebuyers, in the foundation of the American Dream. That’s why we treat each home that we build with the care and respect it deserves. One’s home, with its private yard and rooms destined to be filled with family memories, is a true source of identity, representing the hard work and status of those who live there. For that reason, we elevate the homes we build with upscale design elements and dramatic architectural features, of the kind you would expect from a custom-style craftsman. Built in prestigious areas, with access to excellent schools and parks, they represent the very best in upscale living.


Office and retail construction has been a highly successful endeavor for Summer Land Partners Group. We’ve eagerly embraced the challenge to create distinctive buildings that meet the exacting demands of those who live in them. The working world is no longer defined by a simple 9-to-5 job. It is a lifestyle unto itself, and our commercial creations reflect that, with flexible designs that often combine retail, living and office space in one ambitious structure. More than just working spaces, we create multi-use experiences that address the complex variables of our changing world.

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